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Overview of the Affiliates Program

The Stanford Digital Learning Forum affiliates program was launched by the Vice Provost for Online Learning to engage companies and other organizations interested in the future of learning in a digital world. The program is designed to bring together program members with Stanford’s faculty, students and staff throughout the University, who are involved in online learning initiatives to facilitate strong relationships between academia and industry.

The program supports research, curriculum & platform development, course production, policy study, and outreach related to online learning and digital education. In addition, the program provides an opportunity for member organizations to, not only directly support our activities, but also to be involved in the process of discovering the future of digital education that is unfolding at Stanford.

Stanford Digital Learning Forum Seminar

Thille and Bailenson

The Stanford Digital Learning Forum Seminar Series is being launched this fall as a forum for presenting and discussing social, behavioral, and computational science research at Stanford that has relevance to blended, online and technology-mediated learning.

The goal of the seminar is to bring together a diverse audience which includes faculty and students from across schools, Learning Forum members, and other companies.

The Seminar Series will consist of two seminars each quarter.
Co-chairs: Susanna Loeb and Tom Dee

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Program Objectives

  • Engage companies and other organizations in Stanford research about digital learning and share the rapidly expanding knowledge about the nature of learning itself discovered through our research.
  • Encourage organizations to actively participate in our work and provide real-world perspectives.
  • Team faculty and graduate students with industry representatives on research projects.
  • Provide financial support for research into digital education.
  • Select topic areas that represent opportunities for curriculum and course development to expand student access to quality curriculum across the nation and around the world.
  • Enable members to take advantage of Stanford’s expertise in platforms and analytical tools.
  • Create a forum where companies, foundations, universities and other interested organizations can exchange best practices and collaborate on new ideas.
  • Foster timely commercialization of educational solutions that are founded upon valid methods and subject to rigorous assessment.